About us

Passionate and dedicated craftsmen

The Nagler family has been weaving fabrics in the Badia Valley since the 19th century, drawing inspiration from the mighty Dolomites to create exclusive patterns. Time passes, styles change, new weaving technologies replace the old ones, but the family spirit remains the main driving force of the Nagler Artistic Weaving Mill. The brothers Michele and Amedeo Nagler, who represent the fifth generation of owners, have inherited together with the business a real passion for the creation of fine fabrics and are still eager to personally manage the whole process, from design to finished product, with the help of other family members.

Our idea today is to offer contemporary solutions, enriched with the latest innovations of the textile industry but never dissociated from the context of the surrounding area. Though cherishing our traditions, we take into account all modern trends, focusing on a wider variety of patterns, an individual approach to every project and a diversity of fabrics that allow to create new scenic effects.