Our history

Unrivalled experience

It’s impossible to fully understand the present without taking a look at the past… Fabrics have always been the passion of the Nagler family: artists, craftsmen, researchers and experimenters in the field of textiles. Ancient chronicles preserve records about the Nagler weavers who used to go from farm to farm to process flax and wool, produced by local peasants. Based on this precious experience and on the deep knowledge of the craft, the Nagler Artistic Weaving Mill, founded in 1857, became the first weaving company of the Badia Valley and in the following years has always remained among the leaders of the local textile industry due to a unique and original style that combines tradition and innovation.

Over time, old handlooms, that can still be visited, upon request, in the Mill’s workshop, were replaced first by power looms and then by Jacquard looms, which are able to create the most complicated patterns without compromising on the artisan quality of weaving. Nowadays, the Nagler Artistic Weaving Mill features cutting edge equipment for manufacturing various household textiles, from simple items to the most sophisticated ones, but it’s our team with its unrivalled experience that continues to be our biggest value and advantage.